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Hi, My name is Bri! I’m so happy you found my page! Here is a little bit about me… I’m a born and raised ‘Calgarian.’ I graduated from nursing in 2017 and since have worked in a hospital caring for surgical patients. I love, love, love spending my free time hiking and camping in the mountains! I enjoy packing up the stroller and taking our two dogs on long walks (even though it is often complete chaos)!  I also love to cook and try new delicious healthy recipes for my family. Overall I’m just your average busy Mama trying my best to provide a healthy and low-tox lifestyle for my family!



I recently welcomed my first Baby Boy into the world. Like all parents, I only want the best for him. During my pregnancy, I started researching the ingredients on labels and was shocked to learn that harmful ingredients linked to cancer and other health issues could be found in anything from candles, to household cleaners, all the way to the beauty products we put on our skin daily! I found it even more confusing that products marketed to be “natural,” “organic,” or even “pediatrician recommended,” in fact contained dangerous chemicals such as Propylparaben, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Petrolatum, Cyclomethicone etc. Yuk! I then quickly started feeling overwhelmed looking around my house realizing all the toxic chemicals I unknowingly had been exposing my family and self to!



Now lets be honest… I didn’t immediately throw out every toxic product in my house! Rather simply, I started swapping out toxic products for the cleaner versions as they ran out. Over time these small changes began to turn into habits. Choosing healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable products started to become second nature. I began to feel a weight lifted off my shoulders as I became more confident in the fact that I was creating a healthier less toxic home and lifestyle for my family.



I know from experience that the process of creating a less toxic home can be overwhelming and at times stressful, which is why I created ‘The Live Clean Mama.’  My purpose is to use this platform to educate, and review everyday essential products that are widely available, in hopes to help families transition to a cleaner less toxic lifestyle.



I believe that living clean is a journey and I am so excited to help you with yours!

Bri Dender

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