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Home Essentials

Stop guessing which cleaning products, laundry detergents and air fresheners are safe to use in your home! I’ve made it easy for you to make the switch by putting together a list of my top favorite natural, non-toxic and safe-to-use household cleaning essentials that actually work!

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Body Care

It can be hard to resist the tempting labels on beauty products promising radiant skin or silky smooth hair. But behind the pretty packaging on these products and false claims are some pretty dangerous chemicals linked to hormone disturbances, allergies, and even cancer! Let me help guide you to pick safer alternatives for suds, lotions, spf, self tanners, makeup and hair products that are safe for you and your family!

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Baby/ Children Accessories

“Hi, I'm so happy your here! My goal is to help busy parents find the cleaner, less-toxic, safer alternatives to their everyday essentials products.I know from experience that the process of creating a less toxic home can be overwhelming and at times stressful, which is why I created ‘The Live Clean Mama.’ My purpose is to use this platform to educate, and review everyday essential products that are widely available, in hopes to help families transition to a cleaner less toxic lifestyle.

Bri Dender

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